Dabbing is a dangerous way teens get high, but dab art is beautiful


An article recently published in the journal Pediatrics warns teens to stay away from dabbing: apparently a trendy, new way to get high on marijuana. To dab, people are using butane to get very high concentrations of THC from cannabis, which exists in the form of waxy butane hash oil (BHO). This is dangerous because you need a blowtorch to extract the THC, and blowtorches are dangerous. Also, the super-concentrated THC gets you very high very quickly, which can be harmful.

Authors John Stogner and Bryan Lee Miller explain how the process works in their article,”Assessing the Dangers of ‘Dabbing’: Mere Marijuana or Harmful New Trend?” NBC News has excerpts from the piece:

“Blasting involves passing butane through a steel or glass tube packed with dried cannabis trimmings… because butane is very volatile, it evaporates (or is purged within a vacuum oven), leaving crystalized resins that can have a THC concentration approaching 80…

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